Outrivals Functional Fitness Equipment range includes everything you need for your functional fitness training.

From Suspension Trainers, Slam Balls, Boxing Equipment to Resistance Band sets, we have it all to ensure you get the very best from your functional training program. All Outrivals Functional Fitness Equipment is available for shipping across the UK and worldwide.

Outrivals Functional fitness equipment is used by us, our trainers and our members every day in our own gym. Do not miss our bundle sets which include Resistance Band and Outrivals weights such as Dumbells and Kettlebells.

Are you in need of storage for your home or gym? Have a look at our gym storage racks and floor stand for your Weights Plates.

Functional Fitness Equipment - Best for your Functional Training

Need functional fitness equipment for your training? Here, at Outrivals Equipment, we have everything for your workout needs: from resistance band sets to fitness tech, exercise mats, slam balls, and more! Over the years, we have studied the market and trialled different materials and factories to offer superior gym equipment. We are confident to share our experience with you, delivering everything you need for your functional training.

Functional Training and Equipment

The functional training methods are an ideal fit for everyone, regardless of experience, age and fitness level. To succeed in your training goals, you need the best functional fitness equipment.

Our vast experience and knowledge will become your best guide to start your workout confidently. We will give you the best choice of tried and tested gym essentials to improve your fitness journey. Shop for durable and sustainable resistance band sets, brand-new slam balls for professional and home use, and many other essentials in our all-in-one store. 

Boost Your Workout with the Right Equipment

Shop for the best functional equipment and increase your strength! We offer all the essentials that you need for effective training. Stop wasting your time and money on poor equipment! Proper gym equipment will help you a lot: from avoiding injury to reaching better results with a more effective and safe workout. 

Due to the wide range of equipment in the market, it may seem challenging to find the best offers. We not only sell the best quality equipment, but also keep you up-to-date with recent innovations, and help you to make a customised choice. We share our knowledge with you to help you start or boost your training journey with no waste of time and money. Make a more informed decision and reach your workout goals with no disappointment. 

What you Need is Gym Equipment

Whether you need to enhance the experience of your exercise routine, make your gym more functional, or build your personalised home gym, you need the best quality equipment on the market. 

Here, at Outrivals Equipment, we care for your health, safety, and effective workout. That is why we offer you the best equipment on the market.

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