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Outrivals Dumbbell range offers everything you can ask for your adjustable weights needs!

Hex Dumbbells with case, Storage Racks and bundles to develop your gym and keep your Dumbbell sets tidy.

Our adjustable dumbbells range has been designed to be suitable for both home and commercial use. Browse our range below!

New Dumbbell set with rack for sale and delivered across the UK and worldwide. Next-day shipping option available!


Looking for extra gym equipment in the UKBuy hassle-free Kettlebells online with Outrivals Equipment.

Shop for the Best Dumbbells for Your Workout Routine

Want to beef up your gym? Don’t look so far, as the best dumbbells for sale are available in our store.

The market shares a wide range of offers for these popular pieces of fitness equipment. However, not all of them ensure to share the same results. Our high-quality dumbbell sets in the UK will ensure your effective training at both home gym and commercial gym.

Why Buy Adjustable Dumbbells in the UK?

There is a high demand for adjustable dumbbells in the market. One of the reasons for the massive use of this equipment is its amazing results in different strength outcomes, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, etc. Shop for our dumbbell set with a rack and enjoy your safety in training by getting away from injuries. Our equipment is ideal for a variety of experiences and brings a lot of benefits to the users.

Get Your Guide for Buying Dumbbells, and More

There are hundreds of shops in the UK that offer dumbbells for sale. Think long before investing in your next equipment. Anything matters: the material, type, quality, brand, etc.. To achieve your strength training goals and buy gym equipment in the UK for a lifetime, start your journey with our trusted store. Your best choice is near! 

Why spend so much time and money doing market research, going from store to store, to buy the right equipment? We have already done it for you! Make a search within our website for the best quality dumbbell set with a rack and get it delivered straight to your door. 

Our store has everything for your workout needs: from a dumbbell set with a case to the best gears for Olympic lifting, functional fitness, gym storage, and more. Get your easy journey to buying kettlebells online or anything based on your workout goals!

Get the Hard Work Done with Outrivals Equipment!

How many shops are you ready to visit to buy dumbbells? Do you have a detailed understanding of the quality, price, safety standards, and more crucial details? Even if you buy it online, it will be hard to decide, if the products are not tested and tried.

We aim to simplify the process for you, offering products that are used by us, our community, and our members. Going from factory to factory has given us a lot of crucial information about the equipment, materials, methods, and techniques, which we use to ensure your best choice!

We are Here to Help

We continuously update our selection with new products to ensure you stay tuned with the latest changes and workout trends. Do you find it hard to decide on our wide range of products for your adjustable weight needs? No worries, our dedicated customer service will help you! 

Our store gives you no option to make a wrong choice, as each product is carefully chosen with quality and safety in mind. Explore our amazing selection of dumbbells and racks to keep your gym safe and tidy.

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