Thruster Barbell/ Kettlebell/ Dumbbell Technique Video Tutorial

What the THRUSTER?!

An exercise which can be done with just about any piece of equipment, and a great all round functional exercise as it’s a movement we normally do on a daily basis.

The thruster works on just about every muscle and joint in your human body, starting in a low squat position and then thrusting up with the weight ending in an overhead position, using your core to ensure your body is in a stable position. Such exercise has been a staple in Crossfit, and we can see why!

The Thruster can be done with a kettlebell, slam ball, dumbbell, weight plate, barbell and even a rowing machine if you fancy it (safety first please…!).

Check out our latest How To Thruster video with our Outrivals Trainers Dali and Andy, or follow the step by step guide below;

  1. Begin in a low squat with the weights sitting on your shoulder position.
  2. As you explode up in the air, imagine you are throwing the heaviest ball into the air as high and hard as you possibly can (BUT DO NOT LET GO OF THE IMAGINARY BALL).
  3. Whilst standing tall with the weight over your head, engage your core and shoulders so that the weight above your head is steady.
  4. Remaining in a standing position, lower the weight back into your shoulder position.
  5. When ready, keeping your weight in your shoulder position, go back down into your low squat position and repeat the movements from step 1.

Note - For breathing, we tend to advise breathing out as you thrust up to get maximum output, and then breathing in when lowering back down into your low squat position.

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Thank you for reading and watching!