How To Barbell Deadlift Technique Video Tutorial

The Barbell Deadlift is one of the most versatile exercises, and if possible, should be incorporated into your weekly workout routine. It is a complex movement, and to get the most out of this exercise, it must be done properly. Although it is called The Barbell Deadlift, this exercise can also be used with kettlebells, dumbbells or even just a weight plate!

There are many benefits to the Deadlift (not just Hamstring and Glute DOMS the next day!). Here’s a few for you to know;

  • Better posture - The movement engages your core, hamstrings, lower back, traps and lats which help with sitting and standing up correctly.
  • Improved grip strength - When lifting the bar, your grip is engaged to ensure the bar is in a strong and stable position.
  • Functional - Think of the last time you had to pick something off the floor, heavy or not. Ever hurt your back whilst doing so?
  • Works the biggest muscle in your human body, The Gluteus Maximus (your bum!) - Your glutes are not only one of the biggest muscles in your body, but also one of the most important. 
  • Works on your core - Your core is engaged throughout the whole time to ensure you do not round your back.
  • Promotes lowering body fat, better moods, immunity and your sex drive through triggering hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. 

The Outrivals training team has created a How-To video so that you can make sure that when doing the exercise, it is done with the correct form and technique, from your initial body positioning, the lift, and how the down movement.

Enjoy your deadlifts and if you have any questions, please let us know!