Ball Slamming with Slam Balls Technique Video Tutorial

If you’ve ever walked into a gym, and have heard a loud SLAM come from a corner, more than likely there’s someone throwing down a slam ball onto the floor as hard as they possibly can working on their explosive power! If you keep watching a little longer, a smile could also come out of the slammers face as you can imagine how great of a stress relief it can be throwing something down as hard as you can into the ground and let’s be honest, we all need a little relief sometimes!

As well as explosive strength, Slam Balls are great for a variety of abdominal/ core exercises and general strength work i.e goblet squats, overhead press, lunges etc.

Have a look at our video above where Matt and Marshall from Outrivals talks you through the correct technique for a Ball Slam, and a goblet squat with a Slam Ball.

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